Data Sourcing Framework

Automating Data Load into OneStream XF

The Data Sourcing Framework (DSF) is a specialized tool that automates the load of data from a designated e-mail service directly into the OneStream XF platform.

Developed by B-eye Solutions to work seamlessly with OneStream XF, DSF boasts the same

built-in functionalities for security and workflow to ensure protected data transfers and guided processes for the users.


A Smarter Way to Load Data

  • Save time and minimize errors by eliminating the manual intervention that is otherwise needed to upload data files into their OneStream system

  • One-time setup that allows designated e-mail addresses to be tagged directly to workflows and scenarios for correct data load 

  • True integration to OneStream XF also eliminates the need to switch between the OneStream application and the PowerShell / Windows Task Scheduler to carry out these otherwise time-consuming activities​​

Key DSF Features

Automated load of data from an e-mail attachment into OneStream XF

Built-in error messages and notification e-mails that can be sent to designated users

Seamless and secure integration with OneStream XF

Easy to set up in 3 steps

For more information about DSF

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