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Moving Finance Forward with OneStream XF: Harnessing the power of ONE TRUE Platform

As customer and industry needs continue to evolve, organizations are forced to rethink their current way of doing business. The office of finance plays a key role in this initiative by providing insight on past, current, and future performance.  

However, many corporate finance teams are stuck on processing financial data, with very little resources available for strategy and decision making. Some are still caught up on Excel-based processes, while others are making do with CPM or EPM systems that take more time to use and maintain.

With OneStream XF, the best of finance and technology are combined to help the office of finance move from transactions to strategic decisions.


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Learn how The Carlye Group uses OneStream XF for Financial Consolidation and Reporting, Budgeting and Forecasting, as well as People Planning. Download the The Carlyle Group - OneStream XF Success Story below.