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Reduce your TCO with OneStream's Unified SmartCPM™ Platform 

How does an organization significantly lower its TCO for a Corporate Performance Management (CPM) system?

Download the OneStream XF brochure to discover how a modern CPM platform can help you towards this goal and many more:

  • Unified application for multiple CPM processes (consolidation, reporting, planning, budgeting and forecasting, and more)


  • Integrated analytics and automated reporting that support both corporate and business-unit requirements


  • Built-in Data Quality for Confidence and Compliance


  • Easy extensibility to address specific requirements in a single application


  • Reduced Complexity, Risk and Cost of Deploying Additional Solutions

Download now to learn more:


You can also download the Lower TCO with Unified BPM Applications White Paper by
BPM Partners which discusses how unified applications bring both short and long term
savings for organizations.